Thursday, May 24, 2012

Damn random of me to return back to blogging.
But I think I really need to 發牢騷.
Maybe staying at home and being too poor(don really have much money) makes me kinda sian.
I know I cant do anything without money.
go out cant buy things, wanna eat still need to think N times and the list goes on.
Sometimes I really wish I am a rich kid. Then I dont need to think so much.
Argh. Shall not carry on.

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11:11 pm

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 has been a great year for me.
My last post was a year ago and on this exact date.
So let me update you on 2011.

2011 Feb,I officially ORD-ed.
and after 10 months, I will still randomly talk about army stuff with ppl I meet, as well as with my friends who are in the same unit.
I realised I missed those days(cos I'm paid to keep fit).
It's okay. Reservist will come soon. And IPPT too.

2011 March till April, I officially started working at IRAS.
That's where I meet a lot of new ppl,those studying and those who have just ord-ed like me.
Glad to know a few of them cos they spiced up my working life.
And of course, the famous Wee Nam Kee chicken rice!
It's seriously the best chicken rice I've ever eaten.

2011 May was a nonworking month and it was boring cos.....(too much to mention and I don really bother to.)

2011 June to July I was working at T________e.(to protect the company)
A place full of office politics.
Ah now i know what's office politics.truly.
And I was fed up over the pay because ppl who came in later got higher pay despite the lesser workload.
But well after I left they got transferred to other depts.
And I dunno how well the dept is doing now.
Met a few interesting ppl over there and getting scolding from callers from time to time even though my agenda was to help them.
Well, you cant blame them.
It's the way we do things. =)

2011 August. Finally school has started.
Yes, university life has given me a great culture shock.
I wasnt really adapting well to it and really wanted to go back to SR damn badly.
Went back to find inspirations to study and work hard but it dint manage to keep me going.
then exams came in Nov and woosh~ results came out and I thought it wasnt really bad.
But ppl getting better grades than me were like grumbling and making noise and blah blah blah.
They put in more effort than me that's why they are so grumpy towards their results.

Oh ya and my source of income got cut off cos I stopped giving tuition already.
So I have to be more thrifty and spend less on CD(which happened to be where most of my money went to.)
Still wondering whether I should give tuition during the sem cos I need to multitask.
Probably will consider teaching after Sem 2.

Oh and I've been updating myself in terms of music.
More indie music from now on and finding more good music to listen to.

New year resolution?
1. Do better in terms of studies.
2. Start to learn a musical instrument during sem break.
3. Pass my IPPT!
4. Dont let the world end in 2012!

2012 will come in 8 hours' time!
Goodbye 2011,Hello 2012!

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3:59 pm

Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the last day of 2010.
Well... this year aint a very good year.
I felt like I've wasted my life away,thanks to.....argh.
So let's hope next year would be a better year.
and wad would be the first thing i'm gonna do next year?

ok although I complained that I've wasted my life away this year, I think there are things that are worth mentioning.
Firstly, I went overseas before the year ended.
Well... new experience gained from the overseas trip.
kind of looking forward to the next overseas trip if there's any.
It's a pretty good feeling cos you're all by yourself (with your friend though).

Secondly,I'm ending my service in 6 weeks time.
I hope this 6 weeks can pass really fast.
Cos I really cant stand that place any longer.
During my two weeks of civilian life I was disturbed by things ppl do inside.
So I couldnt really enjoy myself that much.
It's quite sad to see your friends ORD and you are stuck there.
It's never a good feeling.
and I hope to say 'ORD LOH!' soon.
then i would leave that place for good.
(well there's still reservist to come......--.--)

Ok...i'm thinking about wad other things worth mentioning and there's none.
So let's move on to the more depressing part.
This year aint a good year cos I lost a friend,literally.
He passed away around Aug.
He's a great friend to be with and he's always thinking for others.
But illness strikes and it brought him away from everyone else.
I hope I don lose anymore of my friends this way.

Life in camp isnt great.
people changing,people leaving.
those closer to you leaves and oops! there's no one left to hear you out.
and i'm not very close with the people left in camp.
I hope I can tahan another 6 weeks and then leave that unbearable place.
it's torturous eh.

And I lost my slippers.
Ok i'm at fault la huh.
but I cant help but blame that bastard who took it away.
pls return me can?
I like that pair of slippers very much.

Well, I cant really think of much to say alr.
I just hope I'll have more things to share end of next year.
Cos that would mean I've spend my time well and have done things that are meaningful.
let's embrace 2011! =)

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9:52 am

Sunday, November 07, 2010

aiyo aiyo aiyo!
a few of my frens ORD LO~!
congratulations to chunghiang,elroy,yiren,zen,zhanyuan and zhansheng!
ORD is a good thing.
who doesnt want to? ;)
it's like a new beginning.
sadly i don ORD this year.
but well....2 more months(or 6 more weeks)after 2011 comes,i'll be a free man.yea~

ok.before Oct ended i had to buy one more CD to get the points to exchange for a CD.
mr awyong helped me by buying his mr jay chou cd.
he wont see this but a big thank you to him.
i got sodagreen's Once In A Lifetime album at $0.95.
wahoo~!i really love the album.
recommending one of the songs from the Fever album,CHAN XIANG live version.

this song is really nice.
having heard the Fever album I actually missed out this song?
oh and ytd i went MJ to find their past albums.
their Sunlight and Fever album were selling at $9.90 each.
of cos must buy right?!
but i couldnt find their first live album anywhere.argh.

Hebe recently came to sg for Sg Hits Awards 2010.
don really wanna comment on the hits awards.
as we know both sg and tw hits awards are losing their credibility.
i would trust my ears more than who they give the award to.
ok im off topic.
im gonna recommend Hebe's latest hit singles,WO XIANG WO BU HUI AI NI.
it seems like alot of people like this song.

agnes and joycelin is deeply in love with this song.'s Hebe.her voice is splendid.
was talking to jiahui over msn ytd and she commented that she din know Hebe had such great voice as they(SHE)always harmonize and blend with each other's voice.
if u like Hebe,do show support by buying her new album, To Hebe.
i'm so gonna wait for her to come to sg to hold a mini concert like wad she did in tw.

another great singer released a concert dvd recently.
the stocks din come to sg on time.
it's about a month late.
but din stop me from purchasing it.

yup!it's her.
she said that she had flu for the past 2 weeks till the day she held the concert.
i think it sort of affected her.
her singing i feel was pretty fine in the concert.
but i don like the way she sings some songs.
like changing the way she sings some classic hits eg NI YAO DE AI.
maybe u all can buy it and see wad i meant.

Omg i feel like a promoter all over again.
I wish I can find a music related job after I ord.
but....haiz.passion doesnt guarantee u a bowl of rice at the end of the day.
so....let's just hope i can find a decent job once i ord.
96 more days!!!

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8:26 pm

Friday, October 29, 2010

If I wasnt stuck in a situation just now,i wont be blogging here.

Have you been in a situation whereby two frens talk to you about something that just happened?
you heard both sides of the story and you actually know who's in the wrong but you cant take sides.
it's simply sucks to be stuck between them.
and that friend of yours whom you think might help you with this cant really help you much.
you'll think again.
why would everyone find you when they need help?

I'm not a superman.
I cant solve everyone's issues.
I can try to help as much as possible.
But when I start to help, ppl will start to take me for granted.
What I can do is just to listen to you all.
I cant really help much, unless you want me to go back and do it for you which I wont.
I really hate that place now.

What's listening to ppl when they need a listening ear?
maybe only I'll know.

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9:22 pm

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello peeps!

Ok updating u all on things happening...
first let's watch this mv from karen mok.

This song is called Precious.(Bao Bei in Chinese)
I went to her autograph session ytd and the crowd much as I expected.
well I only queued 20mins to get her autograph done on my CD.
and I went to the event late(around 7.40pm) and she has started signing.
Even though she has been in the music industry for quite some time,she doesnt really have much fans in sg.
It's quite sad,given that she has forked out alot for her career.

Been pretty relaxed lately.
embracing life outside camp.
done quite a number of stuff over last weekend and these weekend.
went shopping last week but din manage to get any clothes from UniQlo.
Intended to buy their shirt but their quality is not the one I want.
felt quite sad cos I left the shop empty-handed when i wanted to buy some clothes.
then went IKEA and I bought a weighing machine.
and then I realised I put on weight!!

I heard that Singapore Hit Awards 2010 is gonna be held on 29th Oct.
SHE's coming!!!
I'm so looking forward cos there'll definitely be Hebe's autograph session.
wanna go there and listen to Hebe sing!!!
was hoping for her to have a mini concert like wad she held in taiwan.
It was held on Oct 9 and 10 initially.
but due to overwhleming response,she had another one on Oct 8.
below is a news report on her mini concert.

Interesting right?
OMG~i wish she'll hold one in sg.
then I'll definitely take off to queue for the tickets.
before she comes to sg,let's listen to her 4th singles, To Hebe

Haiz,guard duty tmr.
have to book in tonight.
will be out on 28th Oct.
and my cd rama card is expiring soon.
anyone wants to buy cd pls look for me.
i need one more point to exchange for a cd.
pls tell me asap.thanks!

alright.gotta go~

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4:18 pm

Sunday, September 19, 2010

don know whether he'll see this but anyway, just wish him here as well.

yes im blogging today.
not feeling very good inside of me.
things happening and i think life is seriously unfair.

anyway i tried to have some time with myself today.
but i think it's a failed attempt.
spending time with myself= locking myself in the room and doing the things i like.'s kinda hard to do that.
unless i can travel overseas.haha.

after not blogging for so long....
i think it's a bit hard to write out all the details that im thinking.
well i think i should go off.
till i know wad i wanna write...then i'll come back and continue blogging.

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9:03 pm

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Y2J is back!!
after 2 years of waiting....they will be releasing their 2nd album on 4th June. makes me wanna spend some money.haha.
looking forward to this album.
and if u realised yuming isnt in this mv.
cos he has some weight to lose before showing his face.


this song is really cute.
fits in Claire Guo's new image.
she looks like chen li ping with her short hair.
her 4th album is already out in stores since yesterday!
but i don see any when i went out just now.hmmm.....


her songs are quite nice but it gets bored after some time.
but this song can be compared to her first hit,MI MI,in the prev album.
both songs showed how well she can sing.
but it's inevitable for her to be categorized under GE HONG REN BU HONG type of singer.

haven been really doing much these few weeks.
alr forgotten when was the prev time i updated my blog.
just some random updates....
gonna do duty next week.again.
yes it's alr very sian but i chose to take up so many duty for the month of apr and may.
cos i can earn off and get away from camp during wkdays and don need to see some disgusting ppl de face.
don really wanna mention much.
just have to tolerate 9 more months and i can fo.

looking forward to tmr's kite flying session.
i cant wait!!!

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6:01 pm

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

hey hey hey!!!
it's nice to see people writing on ur facebook wall and wishing u happy birthday.
i'm not really close with some of them but they wrote on my wall.
appreciate that.
and thank you ppl for sms-ing me to wish me happy birthday.
and ms sarah goh wanted to fight for first but too bad.
u got 2nd!!
not bad alr la.
Anyway THANK YOU ALL for the wishes. =)

just some random updates....
meetup with christine mich yuanlin and winnie last fri.
well...we went back to SR to take a look at the changes and our dear teachers.
mr ang seemed to have slimmed down.
so skinny now.must eat more hor mr ang.
coping with family and teaching at the same time is hard. 
Mr sala is like usual.
so chirpy and so encouraging.
sort of miss his words of encouragement that will make u boost ur confidence.
had pepper lunch for dinner and over the dinner we've seen how the children nowadays do in their test.
it's not really well done and after mich explained they are still blur.
i think they need more attention and time from their teachers.
u know wat to do mich!!

shall end my post here cos i'm gonna go get some stuff before i book in tmr for duty.see ya~ 

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1:55 pm

Saturday, April 17, 2010

hoho.SHERO's 3rd hit.
it's a pretty good and catchy rock song.
well....they went to SMRT's stadium station today but i din go.
their concert is tonight!!!!
argh~but all their tickets are sold out.
don even have chance to consider whether to buy anot.
they are having their autograph session tmr...but i don wanna squeeze.
so im not going down.

just finished duty last week and next week im going to do one more before i go on leave.
yup i applied for my leave during my bday period.
muahaha.siam sai in camp during bday period.
but whether i can siam the big sai that is gonna come anytime soon....i dunno.
somebody save me from all those arrows that are shooting all over.
all i want is just a peaceful environment and pass my 2yrs just like that.
and anyw,i'm alr a 1 yr soldier.
almost done with ns!!
hopefully time will pass faster then i realise.

went k box today.
damn shiok.
haven been to k box for a month or so le.
now it's a good time to go.
if not once the commitments increase....i might not be able to go.

season 6 of XING GUANG DA DAO is ending on 14 May.
makes me wonder why the whole competition will end in 4 weeks time.
i tht there might be ji fen sai.
but it seems there isnt any.
we shall see.

well....don really blog nowadays cos my life aint as interesting as the past.
and even if i wanna say more,it's things happening in camp which is a no no to write on blogs.

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